What we do

Our Services

Minor Services are recommended at the following mileages:

7,500    15,000    22,500    45,000    75,000

Major Services are recommended at the following mileages:

30,000    60,000    120,000

We Do Bumper To Bumper Repairs!

Full Service Oil Change

  • Replace oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Inspect suspension
  • Inspect & clean air filter
  • Inspect drain plug
  • Inspect for oil leaks
  • Inspect front brakes
  • Set tire pressures
  • Check tire condition
  • Inspect fluid levels
  • Inspect hoses & belts Inspect CV Boots

Transmission Fluid Exchange

Hon*Amotive recommends this procedure in accordance with the car manufacturer’s recommended mileage intervals.

This is generally every 15,000 miles for cars driven under severe conditions, such as stop and go traffic, mountain driving, trailer towing and extreme heat and cold.

For cars driven primarily on highways, automatic transmission fluid exchange is recommended every 30,000 miles.

Radiator Flush and Fill

  • Check cooling system and identify leaks.
  • Remove rust, corrosion and contaminated engine coolant.
  • Cooling system will be refilled with the appropriate ratio of water and anti-freeze/coolant to protect against freezing, boil-over and corrosion.